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Classroom Management

All the tools you need to manage your in-person, virtual, or hybrid classroom.

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Teacher Resources to Manage Any Classroom

Manage Class Rosters & Sections

Seamlessly manage your class rosters, setup sections, and enroll students in seconds! CodeHS even integrates with other educational platforms like Google Classroom.

Set the Classroom Pace

Pace your students by setting the visibility of Assignments to locked, available or scheduled, with Access Controls and Due Dates.

Easily Manage & Assign Grades

Manage students grades with the customizable Gradebook. View student programs, configure point settings, export grades, and much more.

Stay Connected with Students

Communicate with students by sending Announcements to your entire section or send direct messages & personalized feedback to any student with our Conversations tool.

What Teachers Are Saying

If you have or are thinking of incorporating computer science education into your school, I would strongly urge you to look into using CodeHS. Their programs are teacher and student friendly and ANYONE can use it! I didn’t have a computer science background and I learned how to teach my courses all by using CodeHS.

Tywania Griffin

Teacher at Millennium High School in California

CodeHS made it a breeze to transition to virtual teaching. I’m able to easily monitor how much time each student spends on assignments, how often they log in each week, and make announcements to the whole class or just to individual students.

Jeff Wojcik

Teacher at Port Washington High School in Wisconsin

I can speak firsthand of the positive impact CodeHS has had on my classroom and students. I am a confident teacher having used their curriculums for both AP computer science courses, and the hands-on coding practice my students obtain through the CodeHS platform is absolutely vital to their academic success.

Timothy Hipp

Teacher at Woodward Academy in Georgia

The Karel modules in the Javascript course are by far the best way to get kids started in coding.

Joe Thompson

Teacher at Gunston High School in Maryland

Two thumbs way up. This course is like a dream come true.

Emily Hough

Teacher at Bethlehem Area Vocational-Technical School (BAVTS) in Pennsylvania

Access all the tools you need to manage your classroom.

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