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CodeHS has been excellent. Definitely one of the best educational products I have worked with in the 15 years I have been teaching.

This is the curriculum for programming that I've been hoping for since the early 2000s. I used to teach Java with the compiler and Notepad. This is infinitely better for the kids.

Running and grading code on a web IDE with projects beats any product out there. Plus, the curriculum is fun and easy to understand.

The ability to have students write their own code in the Sandbox for assignments that I give them during class makes it a one-stop place for Java.

As an instructor, I really appreciate the thorough lesson plans and example student questions. Also, the filter with grading the different classes makes it so much easier for my specific teaching situation! This has been one of the best experiences teaching I have had in my 22 years.

I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT CODEHS PRACTICE!!! This is exactly what I've been looking for on CodeHS. The best way to get better at coding is to actually code, and I usually have to create additional practice playlists for my students. Now with CodeHS Practice, my advanced students will have something to do when they finish lessons early and my novice students will have plenty of opportunities to help them improve their skills.

Thank you so much for creating the South Carolina course! I am working with another online instructor for the state and we have around 600 students enrolled in our courses for the fall. You just made my life much easier - I wanted the animations and games and I am hoping that a career section will be coming soon!


Two thumbs way up. This course is like a dream come true.

I feel particularly passionate right now about the pedagogy I have adopted that is rooted in your platform! The range of students that are finding success is impressive: we have those who have had interests and experiences in everything from robotics to actual programming through those who barely knew what coding was, but have heard the "techies" talking about it.

I am finding the section attendance extremely helpful for me on tracking my students when they are working virtually (especially my full-virtual section). The feature is awesome and I can see it being very helpful when students are not meeting their goals. CodeHS is doing such a great job with features they are adding. This is such a great product.

I just wanted to take a second to thank CodeHS for offering the Pro level teacher options for free right now. I teach a middle school robotics course and allowed my students to self-select topics of interest, such as Tinkercad and VEXcode VR, to be working on right now. Several students were interested in advancing their programming skills, and I was able to set up several courses for them that meet their interests and programming levels. Thank you for making my job easier and for engaging these students!

The Karel modules in the Javascript course are by far the best way to get kids started in coding.

CodeHS provides great review of programming principles to people who've coded in the distant past. It also provides an excellent introduction to those new to programming. I particularly appreciate the focus on writing and using functions.

Steve has told me countless times that he will request a feature or update to the site and within 3-4 weeks he sees that update added. That helps him do the incredible work he does in the classroom. It's nice to see that the platform can be personalized for him and his teaching style. CodeHS should keep doing what it’s doing!

Thank you SO much for your help! I am so excited to have your program for my middle school classes. It is so much easier to teach and challenging for our super bright students.

CodeHS engages my students and saves me an incredible amount of time (grading, curriculum, lesson planning, etc.). Also, you're continually adding courses which is excellent.

CodeHS is incredibly responsive, I feel like I make a difference, and I feel like we’re making this together— the customers and the incredible programmers that you employ, and the visionaries that you have, we’re creating this thing together for the students... Every single day I’m so grateful that I can spend more time helping students, and everyday is me doing more of what I was born to do.

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you THANK YOU! I’m not sure how I would have survived the online world of teaching my computer science class without your Pro tools. We did our class today with Zoom, and when students were stuck, it was super easy for me to just look at their code.

We love the program, students love the programs, parents love the program, it's been exceptional!

function weLoveKarel()) { challenging(); easyToUse(); thoughtProvoking(); }

I think you've built a really great website that gives a lot of help and support, but at the same time is challenging. I've used many of the other popular websites that have beginning coding material (Khan Academy, Codecademy, Code School, etc.) and yours is by far the best. I love learning (and hopefully teaching!) on here.

It's out of this world compared to Code School and Codecademy. Keep it up! ;)

I *love* CodeHS! It took me a little while how to figure out how to effectively use the FastGrade & Filter & Canned Responses, but now I have mastered it, and I'm catching up on my grading, and the students are getting much more timely feedback from me. I love how most of the feedback is automatically generated by the system. Bravo, CodeHS!!!

FYI: Our kids at Clinton Hill started using CodeHS last week and are hooked; you guys have a really great product.

I can't imagine teaching this course without this platform. It helps me do my job better and I get to focus on teaching because the content is so strong.

I am extremely happy with CodeHS. The Pro version is terrific. I love how all the teacher resources are interconnected. The videos are great. The pace of learning is spot on.

CodeHS is CodeAwesome!

The curriculum has everything I need to be successful in the classroom and the students love learning how to code!

You guys are wonderful. My students have learned javascript and python. I have another group learning web design - one who has really done quite well and loves bootstrap. Seriously, you are the best. Thank you.

I LOVE all the new gradebook options. You guys really outdid yourselves last summer!

My students just took the AP exam this past Friday and they said that the CodeHS exam review material was extremely helpful in preparing them. They actually felt that the test seemed "easy" after going through all of the quizzes and practice exam. This is the feedback that I've gotten the past few years, and they've always done quite well. Thank you so much for such great content helping prepare them!

Customer service is excellent and site is impressive.

CodeHS is wonderful for our students. I have built up the computer science program at our school just using your platform. Keep up the fantastic work! I'm really enjoying the new design of AP Java in that it matches up with the College Board layout. Using CodeHS in conjunction with AP Classroom will greatly help my student prepare for the exam.

I just wanted to let you know that I went in and observed today in the Web Design classroom and I am very excited about what is happening. Jade Wright is very knowledgeable about the content of the class and has a firm grip on the CodeHS program. In addition, the students are VERY EXCITED and HIGHLY ENGAGED in the content. We are very excited about the new CS program at Bucklin High School!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for all of this amazing PD this summer. I have been teaching computer science for 27 years, so I have a ton of my own materials, but your courses are going to make it possible for me to smoothly handle the transition back and forth from all of the different scenarios we might face this school year. CodeHS Rocks!!!

I can't stress that . The biggest plus is that CodeHS eliminates the huge hurdle of learning how to run one's code in an IDE. Which I think is an unnecessary learning obstacle for students beginning to learn how to program. Plus, you guys have the AP projects available on a web based IDE which is something that nobody else is doing. That is just phenomenal in my opinion.

I'm almost through my first full year using CodeHS extensively across different courses and content. I really like the material used to supplement what I would like my students to learn. It also allows me the flexibility to focus my energy in other places and cater the learning to individual students more.

We rolled out a new offering in our pathway, specifically Web Design. We have been immensely delighted with our choice of curriculum, being CodeHS Web Design course. The curriculum is online, well designed, a self contained IDE for ease, automatic grader with useful feedback for student self-correction and affirmation, gradebook and world class customer support.

I just received my Arduino starter kit in the mail today. Thank you so much! I have several different kits at home that I am borrowing from school, but it is nice to have one that is my very own to keep!!! As we get closer to the beginning of school I definitely will be using the CodeHS physical computing course with my students no matter what method of instruction we will be following at the time!

I love the course features: video, quiz, example, and exercises for each lesson.

All questions are answered almost immediately. You ask for our input and take our concerns/questions seriously. I love having the lesson plans handy with solutions for each assignment. My experience has been all positive.

It just seems like CodeHS is lightyears beyond where other tech products are. The adaptive and responsive gradebook is amazing. I wish we had that for all of our grading!

My students love it! They are engaged, they can work at their own pace. It's awesome!

I truly believe the site is the most interactive way to teach programming!

The students say the class is "fun, fun, fun" and that the class period is too short.

Found out a former student who did CodeHS and then went on to programming in college tested out of his intro course.

I am LOVING CodeHS!!!

The classes are amazing!! Kids really seem to be focused and engaged in the activities.

Karel coding education is awesome!! It's easy and kind to learn!

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